Lambda World


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The conference

Each conference consists of two days of speakers, workshops, and networking with the incomparable functional programming community

The cities

While located on two different continents, the cities of Seattle and Cádiz share a unique bond - the love of culture, music, and functional programming.

Your host

These events are crafted with love by the team of 47 Degrees, a functional programming consultancy and development firm.

Here's what some of our audience has to say


“Of all the conferences we have sponsored, this was by far the best experience we have had. All of the personal touches made this an experience we will never forget. We will see you all again next year!”


“This conference was one of the most unique experiences! Great venue, amazing people, and incredible location! Thank you so much for organizing it! Looking forward to Lambda World 2019!”


“Home from Lambda World. What a great conference! Huge thanks to 47 Degrees for everything they did for us!”