Event schedule

Thursday - Practice day

Workshops & Typelevel are included in the ticket price

Day 1
Typelevel Unconference
  • Juan Manuel Serrano Habla Computing

A look inside the organization of Lambda World
  • Jorge Galindo 47 Degrees

Scala Center Spree
  • Jorge Vicente Scala Center

  • Martin Duhenm Scala Center

Don’t fear the monad
  • Antonio Leiva Plex

  • Alejandro Hermandez Liferay

Reactive Platform from scratch, based on Scala, with use cases
  • David Urdiales-Nieto Accenture

  • Rafael Hidalgo Calero Accenture

Don't fear the optics
  • Jesus Lopez Gonzalez Habla Computing

Scala Bridge Workshop
  • Noel Welsh Underscore

Teaching functional programming in the ivory tower ... and in the kitchen
  • Juan Manuel Serrano Habla Computing

  • Pablo Trinidad Universidad de Sevilla

Speed up your path to Big Data
  • Marc Sangüesa Everis

An introduction to Common Lisp, language, ecosystem and industrial usage
  • Andrew Lawson RavenPack

The Fast & the Functional: C#7
  • Alejandro Campos Magencio Microsoft

Friday - λ Day

Day 2
Open Doors & Breakfast 🥞

Open the doors and registration

Opening Keynote: Category Theory in Life
  • Eugenia Cheng The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

FP Degustation Menu
  • Hanneli Tavante

Maths for Programming, Fun, and Creativity
  • Dave Gurnell Underscore

  • Noel Welsh Underscore

⛱ Touristic and Cultural Tour 'Cádiz Trimilenario'
Adjunctions in Everyday Life
  • Rúnar Bjarnason Takt

Typelevel Search Engine Optimisation with Idris
  • Jan Schulte

Coffee Break ☕️

The best time to talk with speakers and attendees

Kotlin 102 - Beyond the Basics
  • Hadi Hariri JetBrains

Lambda Core – HardCore
  • Jarosław Ratajski Engenius GmbH

Midday Keynote: Profunctor Optics: The Categorical Approach
  • Bartosz Milewski Reliable Software

Lunch Break 🍴

See you later

What's next? (a friendly guide to choosing your next programming language)
  • Andrea Magnorsky

Everything you didn't want to know about monad transformer state
  • Michael Snoyman FP Complete

Do this, not that! Side-effect Management in UIs
  • Yulia Startsev Mozilla

A pragmatic introduction to Category Theory
  • Daniela Sfregola PayTouch

Coffee Break ☕️

The best time to talk with speakers and attendees

BUILD a Homeland Security Serverless app in 30 minutes w/ Azure Functions in F# and Logic Apps
  • Ruth Yakubu Microsoft

Functional Programming in Kotlin with Kategory
  • Raul Raja 47 Degrees

  • Paco Estevez Facebook

Going Higher
  • Alejandro Serrano Utrecht University

Peeling the banana: recursion schemes from first principles
  • Zainab Ali TXODDS

Closing Keynote: Aplicative Programming with Naperian Functors
  • Jeremy Gibbons University of Oxford

Closing Party at the Castle 🏰

Rock concert with gallons of beer and tons of music