Event schedule

Friday - Practice day

Day 1
Typelevel Unconference
Scala Center Hackathon

Organised by the Scala Center, the SC hackathon is a four-hours event devoted to the development of popular Scala tools and libraries in the ecosystem.
The perfect time for international Scala developers to meet up and improve their skills by solving issues in community projects and advancing the state of the art of everyone’s daily toolkit.
The hackathon will be lead by Scala Center’s engineer Jorge Vicente Cantero.
While he’ll introduce actionable issues and offer continuous help to anyone that needs it, his goal is to make sure everyone enjoys hacking collaboratively on Scala ecosystem projects.
Rumor has it that he’ll provide token gifts to anyone that makes a PR!

Do you know Scala and want to have some fun? Join us!

Strongly-Typed Web Applications with Haskell (and Elm)
  • Alejandro Serrano Universiteit Utrecht

Fable, an F# to JS compiler
  • Alfonso Garcia-Caro

What is Pure Functional programming, and how it can improve our application testing?
  • Luca Molteni

Frege - a Haskell for Java Developers
  • Dierk König

Type Classes for the Masses
  • Javier Fuentes

Saturday - Conference

Day 2
Open Doors & Breakfast

Open the doors and registration

Opening Keynote
  • eiríkr åsheim

Pragmatic Functional Refactoring with Java 8
  • Raoul-Gabriel Urma

Doing data science with Clojure: the ugly, the sad, the joyful
  • Simon Belak GoOpti

Coffee Break

The best time to talk with speakers and attendees

Type-driven Development of Communicating Systems in Idris
  • Edwin Brady School of Computer Science, St Andrews

The Dialectics of Type-Level Programming; or How I Learned To Love Values
  • Aaron Levin Soundcloud

Declarative, Secure, Convergent Edge Computation: An Approach for the Internet of Things
  • Christopher Meiklejohn

Java 8 in Anger
  • Trisha Gee JetBrains

Lunch Break

See you later

Oden - A Functional Programming Language for the Go Ecosystem
  • Oskar Wickstrom Empear

Typelevel Scala Rebooted
  • Miles Sabin Underscore

Transient: full algebraic and monadic composability in presence of multithreading, events and distributed computing
  • Alberto Gomez

Working hard to keep things lazy
  • Raichoo

Coffee Break

The best time to talk with speakers and attendees

Real-world functional Scala
  • Chris Birchall The Guardian

Describe & Conquer (& Freek)
  • Pascal Voitot Project September

The Pure Functional Web
  • Bodil Stokke Trading Technologies

Adopting actors … an epic tail of loss and learning
  • Iain Hull Workday

Category theory for the working hacker
  • Phillip Wadler University of Edinburgh

Closing Party

Rock concert with gallons of beer and tons of music