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September 17th - 18th, 2018

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October 25th - 26th, 2018

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If you’ve already submitted a talk, you will be notified whether or not the talk was accepted by June 2018 (Seattle) and July 2018 (Cádiz).

We are excited to be hosting Lambda World in two different countries for the first year! Lambda World Seattle will be hosted September 17th-18th in Seattle, Washington (USA) at the Living Computers Museum, followed by Lambda World Cádiz October 25th - 26th in Cádiz, Spain at the Palacio de Congresos.

CFPs for both conferences are now open. Please review our policies (listed below), code of conduct, and guidelines prior to submitting.

Proposal details and need-to-knows

Lambda World is focused on languages and tools in the Functional Programming community including Scala, Kotlin, Haskell, Java, Clojure, F#, etc.

All our talks, both in the USA and Spain are presented in English.

Timing: All of our speaker slots, with the exception of keynotes, are 45 minutes in length. If you would like to have a short Q&A it needs to be included as part of your given time, but please limit it to 5-10 minutes.

Are you more interested in pitching a workshop? The first day of the conference will feature a few workshops following the Typelevel Unconference. We prefer these workshops to be introductory and focus on libraries and tools from the functional programming ecosystem, or a practical introduction to any FP language. Workshops range in length from 1.5-2 hours.

Talk description: Please don’t write an essay, we have to go through a lot of submissions. A few short and concise paragraphs are perfect! And please, try to minimize typos and use good grammar. We understand English might not be your first language, but a clearly written summary is going to help us understand your proposal, as well as the audience - this will be the public description of your talk!

We prefer new talks! If you have an incredible talk that you’ve used once or twice before, we’ll certainly consider it, but we always prefer original content so that our audience has something new and fresh to digest!

How are talks selected?

We have a curated speaker’s committee composed of representatives from the FP community who vote on talks based on content, relevance, clarity, etc.

All submissions will be notified of the decision no matter the outcome by the following dates:

Seattle - June

Cádiz - July

What are CFP Speakers provided

Lambda World is a non-profit event, so any help goes a long way. If you or your company is willing to pay for your travel and lodging, we will be happy to list you/them as a supporting sponsor or a diversity supporter of the event, or apply that amount towards a larger sponsorship package!

If you do need assistance with your travel costs and lodging, we can provide the following:


Lambda World can offer reimbursement towards flight costs, which should cover most reasonable flights from domestic locations. We do accept international speakers to both events, however our flight reimbursement levels are as follows:

Seattle: $400 USD

Cadiz: $400 Euros


Hotel or lodging will be covered for three nights, and feel free to have your spouse, partner, family, friend, or anyone else you want to cram in your room stay with you. Just let us know if you need one bed or two!

Family/Partner Assistance

Young children in tow? Let us know and we can arrange for a crib and/or stroller for your use while you’re in town.

Your partner/spouse is invited to attend the conference party with you, we just request you rsvp them in advance. While our Cadiz party is also open to your family, our Seattle party is restricted to those 21+. However, we’re happy to connect you with reliable childcare services during this time.

We are also in the process of organizing some pre-event activities, as well as some suggested tourist activities for your visiting family members to partake in while you’re busy in talks!

Team communication

We’ll be in constant touch to handle travel plans, lodging arrangements, dietary restrictions, and be of any assistance you need while preparing your talk. We don’t rest until you are safely home after the event. To make things easy, you’ll have one dedicated team member handling your communication.

Entrance to the conference

We assume this is a given, but you will be granted full conference admission, including the conference party. This also covers coffee and snacks on day one, and breakfast and lunch on day two.

Video of your presentation

We want to share your awesomeness with the community!

Our A/V team creates high-quality videos of each presentation during the event, this includes clear versions of your slides, live-coding, and other demos. We publish these on our official Lambda World YouTube channel for the community to see and learn from for free of charge. If you have any issue with being filmed, please contact us and we will discuss other arrangements.

If you need to contact us to discuss other financial issues, or any concerns or questions please do not hesitate and we can review options.